Q. What is the frequency of publication?
A. Monthly, total 12 issues per year

Q. Is the journal indexed.
A. Yes, the journal is indexed in Index Copernicus, Poland, With I.C Value 5.42 (The value will be revised every year).

Q. Does the journal has any impact factor.
A. Yes, our journal has Universal impact factor in addition to Index scientific impact factor. (The values will be reviewed every year)

Q.  Will you conduct plagiarism check, then what is the percentage of unique content required?
A. We thoroughly conduct plagiarism check, not less than 70% unique content is required for the provisional acceptance of the article.

Q. What is the processing fee?
A. The details of processing fee will be mailed to the corresponding author after the acceptance of the article for publication.

Q. What is the mode of payment of processing fee?
A. Details of processing fee payment will be mailed to corresponding author after the acceptance of article for publication.

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