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Indian Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biotechnology (IJRPB) is a peer review journal available in online and in printed formats. IJRPB is one of the leading journals in Pharmacy and Biotechnology with a strong interdisciplinary focus and biomedical and health application emphasis. IJRPB is a progressive, and comprehensive Pharmacy, Biotechnology, medical and healthcare science publisher that aim to provide free and easy access to scientific information to all as the scientifically tried and tested knowledge alone can lead to advancement of the societies and communities.


As the information and knowledge empowers communities from taking the right decision and save the communities from the dreaded diseases, we aim to bring the latest from the Pharmacy, Biotechnology, medical and healthcare advancements to the society. We are equally keen in encouraging the scientists working relentlessly in these fields to share their knowledge and research outcome with the society. We believe in the crowdsourcing movement and consider ourselves as a collaborative publisher. With a view to remain accessible to all, we have set the most affordable article processing charges.


IJRPB aims to uphold the rights of authors, address their needs, and foster a rapid, convenient, unbiased, and comprehensive publishing environment, which not only guarantees the highest quality constructive peer-review process, but also provides an evaluation system that involves the entire research community. To fulfil this mission, IJRPB applies the most advanced Internet technologies to bring scholarly publishing into a new generation.


Indian Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biotechnology (IJRPB) publishes original research papers, critical reviews, Case Reports and rapid communications on the latest developments in the fields of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, biomedical, Imaging Informatics, Sensor Informatics, health informatics, Medical Informatics, and Public Health Informatics. where information and communication technologies intersect with Pharmacy, Biotechnology, health, healthcare, life sciences and biomedicine. Papers must contain original content in theoretical analysis, methods, technical development, and/or novel clinical applications of information systems.

Specific Topics Covered by IJRPB Include But are not Limited to:

  • Pharmacy

  • Biotechnology

  • Pharmaceutics,

  • Pharmacology,

  • Toxicology,

  • Pharmacognosy,

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry,

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis,

  • Quality Assurance,

  • Regulatory Affairs,

  • Pharmaceutical Technology,

  • Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics,

  • Pharmacy Practice,

  • Alternative Medicine and

  • Sensor Informatics – body sensor networks; wearable, ingestible and implantable systems; biosensor design, miniaturisation and embodiment; antennas, RF and intra-body communication; wireless communication standards, security and privacy, and QoS; smart point-of-care and wireless physiological monitoring devices (e.g. ECG, EMG, EEG and PPG); ASIC and embedded system design, on-node processing, smart devices and app development; autonomic sensing, distributed inference, context aware sensing and multi-sensor fusion; data compression; wearable and assistive devices for rehabilitation, well-being and ageing population;

  • Bioinformatics – biological information systems and large scale ‘-omics’ databases, modelling, pattern matching and algorithms; systems biology, computational biology, and organ/system/disease-level informatics (e.g. physiome, neuro-informatics, cancer-informatics, and cardiovascular-informatics platforms);

  • Imaging Informatics – image-enabled electronic medical records (EMR), PACS, hospital information systems (HIS), and radiology information systems (RIS) integration; computer aided diagnosis, database aggregation and distribution; image biomarkers and high-throughput systems; metadata, ontology and content-based image retrieval and decision support; multi-scale image fusion, visualisation, high-content screening and image data mining;

  • Medical Informatics – electronic health record, interoperability, connectivity, semantics, syntax, vocabulary, terminology, ontologies, standards, clinical guidelines/pathways, protocols; privacy, security, trust, PKI, smart card technology; regional and community health information networks, hospital information systems and clinical information systems, including PACS and disease management systems; collaborative technologies in health care delivery, including telemedicine; intelligent interpretation of health data, decision support systems, computer assisted, remote guidance and virtual reality applications in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

  • Public Health Informatics – pervasive healthcare, wellness management utilising, e.g., ubiquitous computing, smart environments, embedded and wearable sensors; influenza monitoring and prediction; life-style chronic disease management and behaviour modification; personalized and pervasive health technologies (telemedicine, u-, p-, m- and e-Health) for public health.

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