About the Journal

Indian Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biotechnology (IJRPB) is a peer review journal available in online and in printed formats. This journal publishes original research work that contributes significantly to advance the scientific knowledge in various aspects of pharmacy and biotechnology. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the novel, imminent and sovereign pharmacy information service in India. The foundation aims to support every effort to empower pharmacy education and research, and more importantly young research scholars in pharmacy and biotechnology..

Vision and mission of Indian Journal of research in pharmacy and biotechnology (IJRPB)

Purpose: To ensure exchange of ideas, research, development and knowledge in the field of health care by timely updating our resources of information with quality publication of research and review articles by authors from various disciplines of health care.

Vision: To update ourselves and play a key role in updating our authors and readers. To create a hassle free environment to meet our core purpose of the journal.

Mission:  We value your research at IJRPB. We carry out our work by adopting professional procedures and leaving no information gap between IJRPB and our customers.

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